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The 3 Green Lifestyles: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Zero Waste

         You’ve probably heard the words ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, and ‘zero waste’ more times this year than your entire life and this is within good reason. With our Earth projected to tip into irreversible damage by 2030 brought upon by mostly human activities contributing to climate change, the call to living said green lifestyles have never been louder than it is today.

          However, there’s often a misplaced barrier to making the lifestyle switch. Take a look at these three (3) green lifestyles and see which one calls out to you the most:

1. The Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Definition:Living an all around environmentally friendly life.

Intention: Protecting and conserving the environment by preventing and avoiding as much harm one can produce through one’s interactions with it.


  • Eco-consumer- Purchases things whose whole life cycle from production, consumption, and degradation that do not harm the environment.
  • Eco-actions- Takes the road with the least amount of carbon footprint as much as possible.
  • Eco-supporter- Advocates for green laws, public initiatives, and systems.

2. The Sustainable Lifestyle

Definition: Living a life of less consumption and demand on natural resources and material things.

Intention: Understanding our impact in the life cycle of all things and taking in a more active role in assuring ecological balance through one’s daily actions and decisions.


  • Conscious consumer - Thinks more than twice before purchasing, buys for longterm, and consumes with purposeful intent.
  • Mindful - Considers the impact of one’s day-to-day choices and lifestyle.
  • Values foresight - Thinks long term, accounts the bigger picture, and plans for the future.

3. The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Definition: Living a life that produces little to no waste as much as possible.

Intention: Redefining the system by minimizing consumption, reusing, repurposing, and composting what’s left in order to close the loop.


  • Resourceful - Uses whatever one has to its maximum potential and to be creative in solutions.
  • Minimalist - Refuses the unnecessary, gets rid of the excess, but maximizes what is purposeful and useful.
  • Closing the loop - Redefines business practices and waste systems of today by restoring the balance in all life cycles -- from natural resources back to natural resources.

          These are of course simplified explanations and basic examples of the three (3) green lifestyles and how to practice them. There are definitely more ways on how to live them according to your preference. Regardless if you decide to practice one out of the three, be a combination of two, or go all in, the end goal is simply to become a more responsible and mindful Earth citizen.

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