We are Christel San Diego and Erika Matos, two sisters deeply concerned about fashion’s impact on the environment. We believe that women should feel good in their clothes, and feel good about buying them too. So we created our own ethically made eco-friendly swimwear and loungewear collections.

We launched Satori Revolution to celebrate the natural feminine figure while helping reverse the environmental destruction caused by the fashion industry. Our Apparel is designed to instil effortless confidence in our customers. Our pledge is to create products that benefit our planet by recycling materials and upcycling waste such as ocean plastic.

We are a slow fashion company that aims to offset our carbon footprint, and aspires to operate on a zero-waste policy. Everything we use— office materials, papers, fabrics, threads, you name it— are recycled, tree-free, and/or organic.

At Satori Revolution social responsibility is a core value. Our production line is sweatshop free as we believe all employees deserve good working conditions, security, benefits and a salary that will have a positive impact on them and their families.

We hope Satori Revolution will help inspire a fundamental change in business standards and the way fashion is produced.

These are our little ways of saving the world… Will you change the world with us?