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Our Story


Satori Revolution is the first ever ethical, sustainable, and zero-waste swimwear and loungewear brand for women based in Las Vegas, Nevada founded by two Filipina sisters, Erika Matos and Christel Marie. Our brand offers a guilt-free shopping experience for the environmentally conscious. How did we make sure that everything is ethical, sustainable, and zero-waste? We opened our own manufacturing facility in the Philippines. From cutting and sewing to the final products, every step is made sure to be within the standards and values of our company. Satori Revolution celebrates femininity. Our apparel is designed to instill effortless confidence in its customers.

Satori Revolution swimwear and loungewear pieces are made with rescued deadstock fabrics. It means that we buy unused surplus fabrics from fabric warehouses and upcycles them into beautiful, versatile, and high-quality swimwear and loungewear pieces, that would otherwise have ended up in the landfills.

From manufacture to transport, every little unsustainable element is accounted for and creatively offset. How? We do this through its partnering organizations such as One Tree Planted, Planet Cora, and Plastic Pollution Coalition. For every purchase made with Satori Revolution, you plant a tree and clean the oceans with us through the aforementioned organizations. This should go without saying that everything is ethically made. 

Our production line is based in the Philippines. Satori Revolution’s manufacturing facility is sweatshop-free as Satori Revolution believes that all employees deserve good working conditions, security, benefits, and a salary that will have a positive impact on their well-being and families. The company takes into account that its employees are humans, too. We want to help our workers have access to a good quality of life and have time for things that are most important to them. The company ensures that the employees are treated ethically and fairly unlike other employees in the fast fashion industry.

Satori Revolution believes in the Zero-Waste Philosophy: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle. Our goal is to completely eliminate trash sent to landfills, incinerators, and/or the oceans. We are also a single-use plastic-free company. We believe that the environment, human health, and the future of our children depend on this. Satori Revolution aims to contribute to a cradle-to-cradle system. Our eco-mission is to counter fast fashion and throwaway culture by making high quality, season-less, upcycled, and regenerated products.

When we think Satori Revolution, we think of women of grace, substance, and effortless confidence. They are women who fully embrace who they are. They are women who are a part of or desires to be a part of the bigger picture. This core value is something Satori Revolution stands for and stands with, thus, one of its taglines being, “for effortless confidence”. Satori Revolution believes that when women fully embrace who they are, there is no amount of extrinsic possessions that can take away that kind of confidence. That is what Satori Revolution represents.