Satori Revolution is an ethically made and sustainable loungewear and swimwear brand that operates on a zero-waste and single-use plastic-free working environment. We are a brand birthed by the compassion of two Filipina sisters who lead with love and utmost care for the environment and its people—we are women who lead with our hearts.

Satori Revolution offers guilt-free shopping. Our clientele can shop our elegant and timeless collections of sustainable apparel knowing that each piece is a zero-waste product. The fabrics we use are upcycled rescued deadstock fabric and regenerated nylon made from recycled ocean plastic waste. From manufacture to transport, every little unsustainable element is accounted for and creatively offset. This is one of the ways we offset our carbon footprint.

Satori Revolution is a proud partner of One Tree Planted. For every piece that you buy from us, you build a forest with us.



Satori Revolution is also a proud partner of Planet CORA, an organization dedicated to protect #LifeBelowWater and #LifeOnLand, and to empowering everyone to take aggressive #ClimateAction for the future of our youth. This includes environmental education plus action, coastal clean-ups, tree planting activities, water rehabilitation programs, solid waste management, school tours, conventions, events for a cause, and so much more.